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We have the expertise and experience to remove trees safely and efficiently.  Depending on your budget, we have several options to haul away the resulting materials.  Our most budget-friendly option is to have us safely fall the tree, and you are responsible for hauling the materials.  With our most popular option, we fall the tree(s), haul away the brush (i.e., limbs) and leave any potential firewood behind.  We cut firewood into approximately 16” lengths (or your fireplace's dimensions) and leave them behind for you to process (e.g., buck and stack).  Lastly, with our final option we also haul away all materials after efficiently removing the tree(s). 

Our removal techniques depend on the location of the tree or trees to be removed.  For other trees close to structures or items around the base of the tree we have the expertise to ascend the tree using all the necessary safety equipment and dismantle the tree in more manageable sized pieces through dropping the pieces or lowering with rigging ropes and systems.  In wide open space, we can fall the tree in a particular direction using wedges or pull ropes we placed in the tree. 

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